1. It’s been a rough week for football… but remember, at the end of the day “it’s only game”

  2. Out with the old… In with the new.

    Eat Sleep Breathe Football endorses Condoleeza Rice as the next NFL Commissioner.

  3. Dear NFL & Roger Goodell… This is not a good look!

    Listen up young men…. “Real men don’t hit women” as in Never, ever…

  4. Hey Lebron… it’s all fun & games until your favorite team gets beat by the Virginia Tech Hokies…at home!

  5. Oregon cruises by Michigan State in the 2nd half

  6. Dear NCAA,… We’re BAAAAACk!!!!

    Sincerely, USC Trojans

  7. Eat Sleep Breathe Football

    Eat Sleep Breathe Football

  8. The boys are back in town… Seattle Seahawks defeat the Green Bay Packers to kick off the NFL Season.

  9. Wes Welker suspended for amphetamines use…
Shame, shame, shame…

    Wes Welker suspended for amphetamines use…

    Shame, shame, shame…

  10. A few “Top” teams looked impressive in week #1

  11. A few “Top” teams had unexpected challenges, but survived.

  12. Can't-miss Moments: Top plays of Week 1 in college football
  13. NCAA College Football Scores, College Football Scores, NCAA Football Scoreboard and Results - ESPN
  14. I guess we need to get ready for a whole lot of Johnny Football…

  15. Last but now least… New College Football Uniforms by Under Armor